About Us

Night Vision Ops is a technology online retail store operating under the company, Hypocenter Productions, LLC.  NV Ops focuses on innovative products that enhance the various industries and services which utilize night vision and specialized video equipment. Co-owner and NV Ops President, Ben Hansen, comes from a background in federal law enforcement, firearms instructing, TV hosting and executive production. Ben and his staff understand the specific needs and requirements of the various industries, services, and individuals that utilize night vision technologies. CEO, Dr. M. David Hansen, is a research and development expert with an eye for systems integration, creative uses of technologies we offer, and support and administration.

Most of the products you will find listed for sale on this site are developed and sold by Night Optics USA; whose parent company is the well-known and respected international outdoor products company, Bushnell. In business for more than 20 years, Night Optics USA offers and assembles products manufactured in the USA (with very few exceptions). Their unparalleled quality of product materials and construction is backed by their excellent reputation within the international community and their association with Bushnell Company.

Buying a night vision system for personal use or for deployment within your agency or organization is an important decision which can result in a costly mistake; if doing business with the wrong company. Within the most well-known night vision companies are manufacturers and distributors who are not consistently forthright in their advertising of actual technological components they offer for sale. Bushnell and Night Optics USA are names you can trust to not cut-corners in workmanship, misrepresent their product line, or falter in their integrity.

Ben Hansen was approached by Night Vision USA and asked to become a spokesperson for the company because of his expertise in many of the diverse activities and services where night vision is frequently used. Whether you’re looking for a night vision or thermal system for use in law enforcement, security, firefighting, TV/Film production, hunting, camping and sport applications, military applications, skywatching. or search and rescue. . . .let us help you find the perfect system for your needs. It’s what we do.

Please contact us for questions about product features, law enforcement and bulk purchase discounts, expedited deliveries, and international purchases (which require clearance through the appropriate federal agencies to comply with ITAR stipulations).

For additional information about Night Vision Ops co-owner and President, Ben Hansen, please visit his website at www.benhansen.com. There you will find information about current TV production projects, events and appearances, firearms instruction and more.